Core Dynamics
Master Coach

Resolve Your Daily
Stress, Anxiety and other
Emotional Sufferings
in Minutes!

Vaporize Your ADD/ADHD
in only 1 Session

"Secrets To Successful Parenting"
and more ...

My Clients Experience a Guaranteed, Fast & Effective Approach
to Creating Close Relationships & Easily Solve Problems of Everyday Life!

My Services Are Provided Either in Your Home, My Office or Over the Phone/Skype.

           My Services Include:
           - Peaceful Conflict Resolution/Mediation
           - A Positive Approach to Parenting (all ages)
           - Couples Communication & Individual Consultations
           - Easy to Learn Techniques That Resolve Emotional Challenges, Such
             as Stress, Anxiety, Worries, Anger, Guilt & Other Barriers (CDMC)
           - Vaporize Your ADD/ADHD in Only One Session (click here for more info)

           - And Much More ...

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 As seen on

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Do You Recognize One of These Children?

                              • A Teenager Who Breaks the Rules
                              • A Disrespectful and/or Non-Cooperative Child 
                              • A Toddler Who Demands Your Attention
                              • Siblings Who Fight
                              • A Child (Incl. Adult Children) Who is Not Motivated
                              • The Bully Who Pushes Others Around
                              • The Whining Child Who Says "I Can't"
                              • A Child Wanting to be The Center of Attention
                              • A Child Who Gets into Power Struggles
                              • A Child (Incl. Adult Children) Who Doesn't Take Responsibility
                              • A Child Who Gets Angry or Scared Very Easily
                              • A Child That is Very Sensitive

Secrets To Successful Parenting is a life changing and practical program that teaches effective communication and conflict resolution skills to parents, children, teachers, pediatrician, counselors, couples, and anyone who relates to children. Learn how to resolve your daily stress and anxiety, build mutual respect, responsibility, cooperation, self-esteem,,etc., at home, at work and anywhere your life leads you. Pediatricians and mental health professionals endorse this program because it works! You may either choose a

•  5-Week Morning, Evening or WE Seminars
for Parents and/or Children

•  In-Home Family Coaching

•  Telephone Counseling

•  Couples Communiation

•  FREE Introductory Parenting Seminars
If you are unable to attend one of my free introductory seminars please feel free to
listen to one of my interviews I had with Hay House Radio. It will provide you with
lots of wonderful parenting tips and more information about my Family Services.

Please click here for the long interview version (approx. 30 min. recording):

For the short version (approx. 12 min.) please click here:

•  Resolve Your Daily Stress & Anxiety in Minutes!


• Individual Seminars for Teachers

•   Home VIDEO Course

•   Other RCB Services

• Testimonials

Participants learn to:
• Feel calmer & create more time for yourself
• Resolve conflicts without power struggles
• Allow children to solve their own problems, offering them guidance
  when needed
• Create positive motivational messages
• Assist children in becoming self-confident, responsible, and
• Prevent sibling/peer rivalry
• Learn techniques for dealing with stress at home, at work and

  other areas of your life

          And discover much, much more...
          • Tips that will make parenting more fun
          • Lessons on how to work as a unified couple
          • Peaceful couples communication
          • Over 100 effective, empowering tips

  Do you want to be a more positive, effective parent or
better at dealing with children through your work?


Tel: 619-379-7646

"A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was,
the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world
may be a little different because I was important in the life of a child."